"I never wanted to be a Photographer"

Nowadays, David is one of the leading Photographers in the North Wales area...but it wasn't always like that! Photography was never his childhood dream or even a hobby - he actually dreamed of driving a JCB when he was older. He started out in photography one day back in 2004, when he bought a cheap digital pocket camera and started photographing anything of interest on his travels. He's happy to admit that he wasn't very good back then, but everyone agreed that he had a certain eye for a photo, so he persevered. Many thousands of photographs later, most people would now agree that he has a real talent for capturing a scene.

Besides his special interest in Llandudno and the beautiful North Wales area, he is also interested in photographing the British seaside, old cinemas/theatres, disused buildings, old posters, neon signs, night scenes…and capturing the little details of life that most people miss.

He presently uses the Nikon D700 camera, together with the Nikkor 28-105mm and 28-300mm lenses, the Nikkor 50mm f1.4 lens and a Sigma 15-30mm wide angle lens. His work has appeared in several magazines, newspapers, books and on various websites around the world.

All of his work (including the earlier stuff that he'd rather you didn't look at!) can be seen on the Flickr website, where it has now received over 2,500,000 views, and on his Photography Blog.

Sales of Prints and Licencing Enquiries for David's Photographs are handled by his Agent, Mr. Peter Knowles, who runs the successful 'Llandudno Emporium' business in Llandudno.

Can I hire him to photograph my Wedding/Birthday/Business etc?

Unfortunately, David does not do any 'work for hire'. However, he can recommend other local Photographers who may be suitable for your needs. Please click here, send us a message and we will see if we can assist you.